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Our Services


Delivery is available to all customers and will be scheduled on a first come first served basis. Delivery within a 25 mile radius of our pickup location at 14445 FM 849, Lindale, TX 75771  is $30.00. Additional mileage outside the 25 mile radius will be calculated at $2.50 per mile.


Let us plant it for you! Proper installation is critical to the success of any new plant. Proper soil amendments and skillful planting will help ensure their growth and development. We back our planting service with a one year guarantee.*

Please be aware that there may be up to a 2 week lead time needed for an installation.

*Click here for Installation Pricing & Planting Considerations

Design & Consultation

Everyone’s needs are unique and so are our services.

Plants have different requirements that when not met, will not thrive no matter how much care they receive. We will evaluate the factors at your site including light levels, soil types and drainage issues. We can then help you choose the right plants and/or amendments necessary for your growing conditions to allow long term success. We will help you develop a landscape that will only get better with time.

If you have plants in your landscape that you do not know, we can help identify them and answer questions related to their care. This includes pest and fungal disease problem solving.

Duration of visits will vary depending on your needs. Rates are $85.00 per hour for visits within a 30 mile radius of our location, with a one hour minimum and additional time calculated in quarter hour increments. Locations outside of our 30 mile radius will require and additional fee for mileage.

We accept cash, check, debit, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Schedule a Consultation

Not sure how to begin your project? Contact us and for a small fee we'll help you get started!