Tree Planting

Installation Services

Let us plant it for you! Proper installation is critical to the success of any new plant. Proper soil amendments and skillful planting will help ensure their growth and development. We back our planting service with a one year guarantee.*  Our goal is to have a 100% satisfied customer and to ensure your plants vitality and continued beauty.

Please be aware that there may be up to a 2-week lead time needed for an installation. Please scroll down for pricing and our planting contact form that can be submitted here online. 

Planting Considerations

Installation of trees purchased from Plants Of Texas includes delivery up to a 15-mile radius of our retail location at 2700 WSE Loop 323, Tyler, Texas 75701. Mileage over the 15-mile radius will be calculated at $3.50 per mile for each mile outside the radius.

Our Guarantee

All trees/shrubs purchased from and planted by Plants Of Texas shall be guaranteed for one year. This guarantee begins upon the completion of your installation. The one year guarantee will not apply in cases where the tree/shrub dies because of fire, frost, storms, drought, hail damage, theft, vehicle damage or damage caused by a weed eater.

We want your plants to thrive. At the first sign of a problem Plants Of Texas should be notified. We will schedule an appointment to assess the tree/shrub and work with you to correct the problem. Your warranty will be voided if any dirt and/or plants are placed on top of the root ball during the first year. Any tree/shrub eligible for replacement shall be removed and replaced with the same size and type as soon as the season permits. The replacement will be at no cost although you may incur additional charges for fence removal, utility access or equipment fees.

Validate your guarantee by downloading and signing this document.


Plants Of Texas will not be responsible for underground utilities not located by 1-800-DIGTESS locating services.  Owners assume all responsibility. This includes any/all irrigation and unmarked gas lines from meter to house.

Therefore, all repairs will be incurred at the owner’s expense.

Property Obstructions

The property owner will assume any/all additional costs for the removal of fences, walls, sprinklers, gas lines or any other obstructions that limit accessibility where trees/shrubs are to be planted. All prices are based on the assumption that rock, clay or large tree roots will not be encountered. If issues arise, our installer will discuss options with you prior to moving forward with the install.

Tree Planting Prices

7 Gallon Trees

  • 1 Trees = $60 ea.
  • 2-3 Trees = $50 ea.
  • 4 or more Trees = $50 ea.

15 Gallon Trees *

  • 1 Tree = $120 ea.
  • 2-3 Trees = $105 ea.
  • 4 or more Trees = $95 ea.

* Includes trees and large shrubs in 10 gallon containers

30 Gallon Trees

  • 1 Tree = $195 ea.
  • 2-3 Trees = $170 ea.
  • 4 or more Trees = $145 ea.

45 Gallon Trees

  • 1 Tree = $270 ea.
  • 2-3 Trees = $245 ea.
  • 4 or more Trees = $220 ea.

65 Gallon Trees

  • 1 Tree = $370 ea.
  • 2-3 Trees = $345 ea.
  • 4 or more Trees = $320 ea.

95 Gallon Trees

Quoted per install due to machinery required to move the tree.

Installation of Palms

  • 3′ CT = $245 ea.
  • 4-7′ CT = $395 ea.
  • 8-9′ CT = $595 ea.

(CT = clear trunk feet )

Instructions for Newly Installed Trees

Download the document.