Azalea ‘Gumpo White’




With many azalea varieties growing to 6’ (and larger), Gumpo White is the perfect dwarf variety for all of your smaller garden needs. Growing to just 2’ tall and 3’ wide, this white-flowering azalea creates a lovely low-growing accent for mass plantings, container gardens, patios, and courtyards, as well as for front-of-the-border plantings for larger gardens. The blooms feature a subtle reddish-pink splotchy pattern with ruffled edges, and the valuable evergreen foliage makes this plant a year-round winner in any garden. Plant it for beauty, structure, and to attract pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. It’s a late spring bloomer, too, so plan to pair it with earlier spring varieties to keep the azalea flowers coming throughout the season. Keep an eye on deep and regular watering during the first growing season to get its roots established, then maintain even soil moisture afterwards. Make sure your soil is well-drained and enriched so Gumpo White can deliver all of these amazing features to your garden each year.

Features & Benefits

  • Stunning single white flower with reddish pink flecks
  • Late spring bloom time
  • Evergreen foliage for 12-month interest
  • Compact size is perfect for smaller gardens and container plantings
  • Attracts pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Slow growth rate
  • Poisonous to pets and humans

Care & Space

  • Plant in part sun/part shade or dappled shade
  • Plant Height: 2’
  • Plant Width: 3’
  • Growth Habit: Compact and rounded
  • Plant in well-drained soil that is moist and enriched. Plan to water more deeply and regularly during the first year as they get established. 
  • Prune and fertilize after bloom has completed in the spring.
  • USDA Zones: 7–9