Azalea ‘Mildred’




Azalea Mildred is the perfect example of an azalea that’s suitable for many gardens and applications. With its compact height of 3–4’ tall and wide, it creates presence and drama without overpowering the rest of the garden. And while the purple blooms in the spring are slightly smaller at 2” than those of other azaleas, the sheer profusion of flowers nearly covers the entire shrub. When planted in mass, the effect is a wall of purple in mid spring—quite a sight to see! And when the flowers are done blooming for the season, the dark green evergreen leaves create a quiet and elegant presence the remainder of the year. As with most azaleas, Mildred prefers well-drained soil, even moisture, and part sun to dappled shade conditions to bloom her best. You’ll need to water it deeply the first season, then simply keep the soil evenly moist after that. A relatively low-maintenance beauty for sure!

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