Redbud Tree Varieties For East Texas

Every year I know that spring is near when the redbud in my yard begins to bud. They are always one of the first trees to bloom every season, indicating that spring is on the horizon. There is something so beautiful about the lavender-pink flowers that appear on the branches and trunk of the tree. Over the next several weeks, you are going to see these beautiful blooms peppering landscapes all around East Texas. For those of you who have always admired these trees from afar, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the different varieties of redbud trees that flourish in the piney woods that we call home.

It is rare that you will see many redbud trees exceed the 20-25ft mark as they are considered more of an ornamental or specimen tree (which typically does not grow very tall), although they are moderate growers. There are both upright and weeping varieties of redbud trees. The weepers are my personal favorite because I love the whimsical branches! All varieties are great for standing alone as a focal point in your landscape or planted under a canopy of other trees. As long as they receive filtered light, they will be happy campers. They can also tolerate full sun beautifully, yes, even our hot Texas sun! After the blooming period is over, they will leaf out with the sweetest heart-shaped leaves. Since different varieties of redbud trees have varying leaf colors, it gives you the ability to choose a variety that will differentiate the look of the landscaping around your home. You can choose from shades of deep purple to green, and even various shades of golden yellow, depending on the variety, to help pop your landscape presentation. Typically, the leaves will remain until fall when they will drop and the tree will become dormant during the winter months.

If you are looking to add a hardy, heat, and drought-tolerant tree that will put on a beautiful, colorful show early spring, then dive deeper into the different varieties mentioned below. You can’t go wrong with any variety listed and all will thrive within our climate and region! Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you choose which is best for you based on your landscape needs, so come see us and check out all the different gallon sizes we have to offer! There is still time to purchase and plant your own redbud tree and still get to enjoy the gorgeous blooms this spring season!

Merlot Redbud

  • dark purple foliage similar to Forest Pansy
  • thicker, glossier leaves that stand up to summer heat
  • tight dense, semi-upright habit
  • bright lavender-pink flowers;
  • 10’x12′ T & 10′-12′ W

Traveller Redbud

  • weeping
  • green foliage
  • rosy lavender flowers
  • 5′-6′ T & 6′-8’W

Rising Sun Redbud

  • upright, multi-color foliage at different times of the year
  • rosy lavender flowers
  • 10′-12′ T & 8′

Ruby Falls Redbud

  • weeping
  • dark purple foliage
  • rosy lavender flowers
  • 6’x8′ T & 5’x6′ W

Texas Redbud

  • upright habit
  • oftentimes is multi-trunked
  • glossy green foliage
  • rosy lavender flowers
  • 2′-15′ T

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