Azalea Hino Crimson




A beautifully blooming azalea for those in cooler climates! Hino Crimson azalea is a Kurume hybrid with smaller leaves and shorter stature, making it a favorite of bonsai aficionados. Brilliant red blooms pop open early and continue through the spring season, creating a magnificent flower show in shady gardens. Semi-evergreen foliage is a lovely medium green for most of the year and provides some structure during the winter months. Like most azaleas, Hino Crimson is ideal for woodland gardens with a part sun/shade exposure. Plan to water more frequently as this azalea gets established, then regularly to maintain soil moisture. If it’s planted in a warmer climate, you may need to water more than once a week as those temperatures soar. Butterflies and bees will love this almost as much as you will!

Features & Benefits

  • Showy single red flowers
  • Gorgeous spring display
  • Semi-evergreen foliage with smaller leaves
  • Compact size is ideal for smaller gardens and container gardens, borders and hedges, or mass planting in woodland gardens
  • Moderate growth rate
  • Cold hardy variety
  • Pollinator magnet

Care & Space

  • Plant in part sun, part shade, dappled shade
  • Plant Height: 2’–4’
  • Plant Width: 3’–5’
  • Growth Habit: Spreading growth habit
  • Plant in acidic, well-drained soil and water consistently as plant is getting established.  Fertilize with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in late winter or early spring. Lightly prune after blooming is complete.
  • USDA Zones 6–9