Azalea Encore© Autumn ‘Royalty’




The Encore series of Azaleas offers even more bounty of blooms than traditional azaleas. Expect that dependable springtime flower show, then enjoy repeat blooms in the summer and fall—all with increased heat tolerance, cold hardiness, and sun exposure! Encore Autumn Royalty, voted Azalea of the Year by the American Rhododendron Society, features oversized royal purple blooms measuring 3.5” across and deep green evergreen foliage. Autumn Royalty blooms best with more sun, but if you choose to plant it in a shadier location, you can expect a spectacular spring flowering with slightly less robust summer and fall re-blooming. Its medium compact size, heat tolerance, and cold hardiness make it one of the best all-around choices for azalea lovers everywhere. Provide acidic, well-drained soil, late winter/early spring fertilizing, and regular watering, then sit back and enjoy a year’s worth of fantastic color and form!

Features & Benefits

  • Enormous 3.5” royal purple blooms
  • Spring, summer, and fall bloom time
  • Dark green evergreen foliage for 12-month interest
  • Relatively compact size is ideal for smaller garden or mass planting in woodland gardens
  • Moderate growth rate
  • Moderate drought tolerance once established
  • Cold hardy, heat tolerant, and disease-resistant
  • Pollinator magnet

Care & Space

  • Plant in full to partial sun
  • Plant Height: 4.5’
  • Plant Width: 4’
  • Growth Habit: Nicely rounded shape
  • Plant in acidic, well-drained soil and water consistently as plant is getting established. Fertilize with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in late winter or early spring. Lightly prune after blooming is complete.
  • USDA Zones 6a–10b