Crape Myrtle ‘Sioux’




This not-too-big and not-too-small crape myrtle is a favorite among ornamental tree lovers! Crape myrtle Sioux features a slightly shorter height that makes it an ideal accent tree in the landscape, growing under power lines with no problem. Opt to enjoy it unpruned as a bushier large shrub or prune off lower branches and train into a small tree—whichever suits your garden. Lovely medium pink flowers bloom all summer, setting the stage for reddish-purple fall leaves. When the leaves drop later in autumn, the textured bark takes the spotlight. And while all crape myrtles are famous for their low-maintenance and heat-tolerant ways, Sioux also boasts more cold tolerance than other crapes, making it even more adaptable in your southern garden. You won’t need to babysit with lots of water and fertilizer, either, as Sioux is drought tolerant once established (be nice during extreme heat or drought, though!) and flowers best in average soil.

Features & Benefits

  • Dark green, glossy leaves that turn to a maroon shade in the fall
  • Gorgeous medium pink flowers from summer into early fall
  • Interesting peeling bark after leaves drop in the fall; lots of winter texture!
  • Adaptable smaller size; leave as a large bush or train into a small tree
  • More cold tolerant than other crape myrtles
  • Deer resistant
  • Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established

Care & Space

  • Full sun
  • Plant Height: 13–20’
  • Plant Width: 8–12’
  • Prefers average, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established but will appreciate deep watering during unusually hot and dry periods
  • Growth habit: Oval shape with a medium growth rate
  • USDA Zones 6–9