Azalea ‘Hershey Red’




Cherry red blooms and coarse evergreen leaves make Azalea Hershey Red a spring garden standout. The tubular petals appear as though there is one flower inside of another, creating a full and lush look as they bloom in late spring. When the flowers are done with their show, the evergreen foliage takes over. The broad leaves are a perfect backdrop and companion for other plants with finely textured leaves, and because they stay green all year long, it provides a valuable presence and form in the winter garden. Use Hershey Red as a hedge and screening plant, or in mass plantings in the middle or back of the shady border. As with most other azaleas, Hershey Red needs protection from the harsh Texas sun—morning sun and afternoon shade (or a full day of dappled sun) is ideal, along with well-drained, enriched soil. Prune and fertilize after they are done blooming in the spring and look forward to their show next year!

Features & Benefits

  • Flashy bright red blooms in late spring
  • Evergreen foliage for year-round interest 
  • Use as a colorful evergreen hedge or mass planting in cottage or Asian/Zen gardens
  • Amazing pollinator magnet
  • Poisonous to pets and humans

Care & Space

  • Plant in part sun or part shade/dappled shade
  • Plant Height: 4–6’
  • Plant Width: 4–6’
  • Growth Habit: Rounded and mounding
  • Plant in moist, well-drained soil. Plan to water more deeply during the first growing season, then keep soil evenly moist in following seasons. 
  • Prune and fertilize after bloom has completed in the spring.
  • USDA Zones: 5–9