Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum var.dissectum ‘Viridis’




Soft and sophisticated, this dwarf laceleaf Japanese maple sports chartreuse green foliage with long narrow lobes. Leaves appear to be dripping from the branches! ‘Viridis’ grows in a compact draping form as a small weeping specimen in the landscape, or large containers. In spring, plants product tiny reddish flowers, followed by green samaras (seed pods) that ripen in fall. After foliage turn striking shades of gold & crimson in the fall, they drop to reveal the architectural weeping branch structure. If you have a small garden or patio, but still want the classic look of a Japanese maple, Acer ‘Viridis’ is the perfect specimen.

Features & Benefits

  • Prized for its incredible lace leaf foliage & dramatic fall color.
  • Lovely weeping habit that offers winter interest.
  • Excellent as a specimen planting in your woodland garden.

Care & Space

  • Water regularly, and more frequently in extreme heat or drought.
  • Plant in part to full shade.
  • Plant in well-draining, rich soil.
  • Plant Height: 6-8’
  • Plant Width: 6-10’
  • USDA Zones 5-8