Crape Myrtle ‘Miss Frances’




Crape myrtles are a favorite in the southern garden, and Miss Frances is one to add to the party. Dark green leaves and striking deep red blooms make this small tree a standout in native gardens where deer like to feast. When the flowers are done and the leaves have fallen, enjoy the textural bark all throughout the winter (it’s a perfect time to add some twinkle lights for the season). While Miss Frances is low-maintenance and drought tolerant once established, she’ll appreciate a deep watering when the temps are high and the rainwater is low. Prune lightly only for shape (no “topping” the trees off, please!) and apply a slow-release fertilizer to increase blooms. Be careful to not over- fertilize; it’ll lead to lush leaf growth at the expense of all those beautiful red blooms!

Features & Benefits

  • Glossy, dark green leaves
  • Vibrant red flowers from summer to fall
  • Lovely textural bark in the winter
  • Wonderful choice as an accent tree, hedge, or small grouping
  • Drought tolerant and disease resistant
  • Deer resistant

Care & Space

  • Full sun
  • Plant Height: 15–20’
  • Plant Width: 10–15’
  • Prefers average, well-drained soil. Water deeply in periods of long dry spells and avoid
  • Growth habit: Naturally rounded and spreading with a moderate growth rate.
  • USDA Zones 7a–9b