Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’

Acer palmatum var. atropurureum ‘Bloodgood’




The perfect small tree for colorful foliage and sculptural form, Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ is a standout Japanese Maple. In spring the delicate lobed leaves emerge a deep burgundy, and then hold their color all summer. In fall you will be rewarded with crimson-red foliage color before leaves drop for the winter. ‘Bloodgood’ produces tiny purple flowers in spring followed by red fruits. The bark is a dark blackish red, providing interesting contrast in the landscape year-round. Plants are vigorous growers and mature to an upright sculptural form on the landscape. Their compact size allows them to fit in even smaller gardens and landscapes, or even grown as a large container specimen. Plant a single specimen as a focal point, or group 3 to 5 specimens for a striking mass planting.

Features & Benefits

  • Wine-red to burgundy leaves
  • Holds its color in summer
  • Vibrant crimson-red foliage in fall
  • Small purple flowers, followed by red fruits
  • Vigorous, upright growth habit
  • Perfect as a focal point in the landscape
  • Plant in groups for a colorful garden backdrop

Care & Space

  • Part sun/Part Shade location
  • Grows best in soils rich in organic matter
  • Good drainage
  • Plant Height15-20
  • Plant Width: 15-20
  • USDA Zone 5-8