Pine ‘Loblolly’




One of the fastest growing of all of the southern pine trees, Loblolly Pine is a favorite for shading and privacy screening. This large, long-lived tree is also known as rosemary pine, old field pine, bull pine, and Indian pine and features year-round qualities that make it a valuable addition to larger properties. Rosemary-scented evergreen needles provide shade from winter through fall as well as nesting sites and cover for wildlife and food for pollinators. And although pine trees don’t actually “flower,” the Loblolly Pine has both male and female “pollen cones” that appear in spring. The male pollen cones are red to yellow and the female ones are yellow to purple, both adding to the beauty of the tree. In the fall, the rusty brown pinecones drop their seeds, then stay on the tree for a year before dropping off themselves. Loblolly Pine is a low-maintenance, fast-growing tree, prized by both homeowners and wildlife alike!

Features & Benefits

  • Evergreen, yellow-green to dark green, fragrant needles
  • Springtime “flowers” in shades of red to yellow and yellow to purple
  • 3–6” long pinecones
  • Fast growing
  • Attracts birds and butterflies as well as providing cover for wildlife
  • Deer resistant
  • Large size is ideal for shade and privacy
  • Perfect choice for rain gardens, pollinator gardens, and native gardens

Care & Space

  • Sun Exposure: Plant in full sun to part shade
  • Plant Height: 72–100’
  • Plant Width: 20–40’
  • Water: Prefers moist, sandy soil but will tolerate moderate dry conditions
  • Growth Habit: Has an upright growth with a pyramidal shape when it’s young, then develops
    into an oval shape at maturity
  • USDA Zones: 6b–9a
  • Special Notes: Plant outside the defensible space around the house because of its high
    flammability rating