Willow Oak

Quercus phellos





A lovely oak species with oblong, spear-shaped leaves. This stately shade tree will reach 40-60′ tall and 35′ wide, and can tolerate poorly draining soil, but does prefer acidity. Plant in full sun & provide room to grow. In fall, sports shades of yellow & bronze. Willow oak acorns are a top food source for deer, squirrels, turkeys, quail and some songbirds.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast growing Oak
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Can handle harsh urban conditions
  • A food source for many animals and birds

Care & Space

  • Plant in full sun locations with plenty of room to spread
  • Can tolerate poorly drained soil
  • Prefers acidic soils
  • Plant Height: 40-60′
  • Plant Width: 35′
  • USDA Zones 5-9