Sycamore Exclamation! ™

Platanus ‘Morton Circle’




Also called London planetree, Sycamore Exclamation!TM (Platanus ‘Morton Circle’) is a fast-growing full sun large shade tree known best for its beautiful peeling bark and large leaves. The young bark grows with a beautiful green color, then changes to shades of cream, tan, and beige as it matures, and the tree grows. This hybrid offers up a uniform upright pyramidal growth habit, but it’s still a BIG tree that needs lots of space to grow and spread. ‘Exclamation’ is known for its resistance to frost cracking and anthracnose diseases that can be a problem for sycamore. tolerant of many different tough growing conditions like compacted soil, pollution, and drought.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick-growing shade tree
  • Pyramidal form
  • Exhibits lovely exfoliating bark that changing colors as it ages
  • Easy to grow & is adaptable to many types of soil

Care & Space

  • Should be planted in full sun in a large area with room to spread
  • Tolerates poor conditions well (air pollution, compaction, drought)
  • Plant Height: 60’
  • Plant Width: 45’
  • Room to spread
  • USDA Zones 4-8
  • Excellent frost resistance