Azalea ‘Red Formosa’




Azalea Red Formosa is all about look-at-me drama. Bright red (almost fuchsia) blooms cover the tall shrub during the spring, making it difficult to spot any leaves. But when the plant is done blooming for the season, it’s easy to spot and appreciate the dark green foliage that remains for the rest of the year. Because of its 6–8’ tall size, it makes screening unwanted views a snap. It’s one of our most sun and heat tolerant azaleas, so you can plant it in a brighter spot in your garden without worry. In our strong Texas sun, however, we still recommend giving it a bit of afternoon shade (dappled is perfect) to keep it thriving and healthy. Be prepared to water it more deeply and regularly the first season after planting, and then plan to keep the soil evenly moist so it doesn’t dry out. You’ll love this dependable, brilliant bloomer almost as much as the butterflies will!

Features & Benefits

  • Masses of bright red blooms in the spring
  • Lovely dark green foliage that shines year-round
  • Moderate growth rate
  • Sun and heat tolerance
  • Ideal as a hedge or screening plant in cottage, Asian/Zen, and woodland gardens
  • Poisonous to pets and humans

Care & Space

• Plant in part sun, part shade, or dappled shade.

  • Plant Height: 6–8’
  • Plant Width: 4–6’
  • Growth Habit: Upright and rounded
  • Plant in moist, well-drained soil. Plan to water more deeply during the first growing season, then keep soil evenly moist in following seasons. 
  • Prune and fertilize after bloom has completed in the spring.
  • USDA Zones: 8–10