Magnolia ‘Jane’

Magnolia x ‘Jane’




A member of the Little Girl series of hybrid magnolias, this petite magnolia is a cross between Magnolia ‘Reflorescence’ and M. ‘Waterlily’. The result, Magnolia ‘Jane’, is a show-stopping spring blooming deciduous magnolia that offers big blooms on a small tree! You might call it a small tree, but it really grows more like a compact multi-trunked shrub in the 8-12’ tall range. While plants may not be large by Magnolia standards, the reddish-purple tulip-shaped flowers reach a whopping 8-9” in diameter and are often some of the first flowers to open in spring. The flowers emerge before the spring foliage, and are followed by thick, ovate, green leaves. The perfect small flowering specimen tree (or shrub) to anchor your landscape beds; or plant in groups for a stunning spring floral display.

Features & Benefits

  • Large purple-red tulip-shaped flowers in early spring
  • Fragrant flowers
  • Late spring bloomer that usually misses freezing weather
  • Nice yellow fall foliage color
  • Compact specimen for smaller landscapes or spaces
  • Can be kept pruned as a smaller shrub

Care & Space

  • Prefers rich, moist, and well-draining soil
  • Provide supplemental acidic fertilizer 1-2x per year
  • Plant in full to part sun. Avoid locations with hot summer afternoon sun, or foliage will burn
  • Plant Height: 12-15’
  • Plant Width: 10-12’
  • Can be planted as a hedge or an ornamental accent tree.
  • USDA Zones 4-7