Crape Myrtle ‘Tuscarora’




Tuscarora is the crape myrtle that adapts to nearly any style of landscape. It’s shorter height and width are ideal as focal points in small gardens or as accents in larger landscapes, its hot pink to red blooms provide lovely color while blending with other garden hues, and its low- maintenance ways make it ideal for homeowners on the go. As is the case with all crape myrtles, Tuscarora is fairly drought tolerant after it’s established, but certainly appreciates additional watering when our Texas heat and drought kicks in. And although it’s not necessary to painstakingly prune this tree for it to thrive, it’s a good idea to remove the suckers from the base of older trees and check the branch structure in late winter or early spring. Toughness plus easy-care beauty makes this one a keeper!

Features & Benefits

  • Bright green leaves turn orange-red in the fall
  • Hot pink to red flowers from summer to early fall
  • Winter interest with cinnamon brown bark
  • Adaptable as a small tree or large shrub
  • Use as a focal point or accent tree, or plant in small groupings
  • Deer resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Drought tolerant once established

Care & Space

  • Full sun
  • Plant Height: 15’
  • Plant Width: 15’
  • Thrives in average, well-drained soil.
  • Drought tolerant once established, but provide extra water during extreme heat or drought
  • Growth habit: Upright with nicely rounded shape and moderate growth rate
  • USDA Zones 6–9