Holly ‘Oakland’

Ilex ‘Magland’ PP14417




A standout from the Southern Living Plant Collection, ‘Oakland’ is one of the best upright evergreen shrubs to use for hedges and privacy screens. Planted in full sun to part shade, they reach15-20’ tall & 12-15’ wide. The dense pyramidal form keeps its shape without pruning – making it a maintenance dream! Unlike other hollies that exhibit super shiny leaves, ‘Oakland’ has dark green, oak-shaped leaves, and is covered in red-orange berries in the winter. An added bonus is that this variety is self-pollinating. ‘Oakland’ is adapted to multiple types of soil – but must have consistent moisture. Make sure to provide supplemental water during periods of drought.

Features & Benefits

  • Spectacular winter display of orange-red berries, self-pollinating
  • Adapted to a variety of soil types
  • Very low maintenance – keeps pyramidal shape without pruning
  • Free from diseases & insects
  • Excellent for hedges & screens

Care & Space

  • Plant in full sun to part shade
  • Provide consistent moisture, especially during periods of drought
  • Plant Height: 15-20′
  • Plant Width: 12-15′
  • USDA Zones 6-9