Redbud ‘Oklahoma’




A jolt of vibrant color to jumpstart the spring gardening season! One of the first ornamental trees to pop into bloom in early spring, Oklahoma Redbud lines its branches with the most striking magenta shade on clusters of small flowers. And even though this blooming beauty is most prized for this springtime show, the foliage that follows is just as lovely. Green heart-shaped and glossy leaves fill the tree after it’s finished blooming, turning a light yellow in the fall before falling off for the winter. Right about the same time that the leaves are coming out, Oklahoma Redbud also developed longish seed pods that remain on the tree, ripening in the fall and becoming a preferred snack for local birds. And all this beauty holds up to our heat, humidity, and dry conditions! No wonder at all that it’s one of our most popular flowering trees for both small and large spaces.

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